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Our Volunteers

Volunteer Priyam Sarangi

Priyam Sarangi

Ekohum Foundation is one of the relentless organisation which is on a continuous journey in eradicating cancer. I’m glad I decided to work with you.

The giveaway, education, influencer notes, and visual awareness was used for our crazy ride on eradicating cancer, contributed to my growth in knowledge and practical exposure in my sector. But here is something I will miss the most, MY MENTORS! and MY TEAM!  Some of the smartest hustlers I have coordinated with: Shruti, Sambhavi, Anirudha, Renu, Rizmi, Harman, Divya, Mayank. Apala Baduni, Ravi Kant, Shashwat Koranne, Dr.Shashank Kavi thanks for trusting and mentoring me. I really hope we cross paths again in the future.


Volunteer Akansha

Akanksha Gautam

My experience with Ekohum foundation has been quite overwhelming.The fact that the  people we were working with are even deprived of basic health care, has made me more conscious about the luxuries of life we normally take for granted. The cause propelled me to support the society to raise awareness about Cancer. Working with Dr Apala Baduni has been a great learning curve for me.The interactive webinars were extremely  informative and insightful. I want to thank Ekohum team for making me a more  self-conscious human being.

Volunteer Dr. Pooja Tomar

Dr. Pooja Tomar

I volunteered in Cervical Cancer Webinar conducted on World Cancer Day, and the content delivered on the event was very resourceful. 
Ekohum Foundation has been putting in constant efforts to raise awareness about Cancer. 
Great work Ekohum!

volunteer Divya verma

Divya Verma

Ekohum became my true reason to willfully contribute my part in helping out the cancer fighters. Having managed their Social Media, I was able to connect with those who are suffering and to those who still have hope to be saved with Ekohum Foundation. The organization holds immense value and significance in what it does and more people shall associate with them and make contributions possible

Volunteer Swati Gupta

Swati Gupta

Ekohum foundation is doing an amazing work by creating awareness among people about cancer. I was fortunate to be part of this journey which allowed me to talk to people and gather data which ultimately be benefiting them.
This was my first experience volunteering for a cause and it felt really great. Moreover, the efforts done by Dr. Apala and others are very commendable. I wish more people come out to support this cause.

Volunteer Shreya Anil

Shreya Anil

My experience at Ekohum foundation enabled me to understand the dire need of making individuals aware about cancer. The internship of 5 months led me to understand the true essence of giving back to the society, without expecting anything in return. This journey helped me understand the intricacies of social media handling under the guidance of Dr.Shashank Kavi and Dr.Apala Baduni. The internship facilitated holistic growth and development in me. Working with Ekohum Foundation was truly a a fulfilling experience. 

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