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Our Volunteers

Volunteer Priyam Sarangi

Priyam Sarangi

Ekohum Foundation is one of the relentless organisation which is on a continuous journey in eradicating cancer. I’m glad I decided to work with you.

The giveaway, education, influencer notes, and visual awareness was used for our crazy ride on eradicating cancer, contributed to my growth in knowledge and practical exposure in my sector. But here is something I will miss the most, MY MENTORS! and MY TEAM!  Some of the smartest hustlers I have coordinated with: Shruti, Sambhavi, Anirudha, Renu, Rizmi, Harman, Divya, Mayank. Apala Baduni, Ravi Kant, Shashwat Koranne, Dr.Shashank Kavi thanks for trusting and mentoring me. I really hope we cross paths again in the future.


Volunteer Akansha

Akanksha Gautam

My experience with Ekohum foundation has been quite overwhelming.The fact that the  people we were working with are even deprived of basic health care, has made me more conscious about the luxuries of life we normally take for granted. The cause propelled me to support the society to raise awareness about Cancer. Working with Dr Apala Baduni has been a great learning curve for me.The interactive webinars were extremely  informative and insightful. I want to thank Ekohum team for making me a more  self-conscious human being.

Volunteer Dr. Pooja Tomar

Dr. Pooja Tomar

I volunteered in Cervical Cancer Webinar conducted on World Cancer Day, and the content delivered on the event was very resourceful. 
Ekohum Foundation has been putting in constant efforts to raise awareness about Cancer. 
Great work Ekohum!

Test Sneha Acharya.jpg

Sneha Acharya

Grateful for the journey with a non-profit organization that is close to my heart - Ekohum Foundation\

For over two years, I have had the privilege of volunteering as a graphic designer and social media lead for this remarkable cancer awareness non-profit, and the experience has been nothing short of transformative. 

From the very beginning, I was captivated by the organization's unwavering dedication to the cause. Witnessing the team's passion and commitment to raising cancer awareness and supporting patients was truly inspiring. I am
confident that the organization's unwavering commitment and the collective efforts of its volunteers will continue to bring hope and healing to countless individuals and families affected by cancer.

Test Raajitha .jpg

M Raajitha Reddy

I’m volunteering with Ekohum for 2 years. It’s been a great experience. In the beginning, I joined the foundation for 3 months internship, which would reflect in my cv as experience but later when I started working, I’ve been learning a lot under Dr. Apala Ma’am. I’m a medical student and this learning is so helpful for me in my academics too. I’ve developed many skills like teamwork, communication skills. The main goal of Ekohum is to spread awareness of tobacco chewing and its effect on oral cancer. Later in COVID times, it came up with telemedicine, providing emergency supplies. This is my first time working with an organisation for a cause. I’m fortunate to be part of the Ekohum family. I’m currently working as social media in charge and research
associate. It’s a great place to work and learn. It’s a work atmosphere where you work on your terms without stress. I’m looking ahead to learning more things. I’m glad that I joined Ekohum. 

Test Mrunali Likhar_edited.jpg

Mrunali Likhar

Ekohum has given me the platform to understand people and how I can use my skills to contribute to the NGO.
I have also learnt how funds are raised, how does an NGO function. Through Ekohum I have been more aware of cancer and its causes. After listening to Apala ma’am talk about her different patients, I understood every patient has different story and, we cannot generalise the situation and have to act accordingly. We as volunteers need to understand them and have a deeper understanding of the situation if we want to help them.

Test Shivani Chauhan.jpeg

Shivani Chauhan

My journey as a volunteer at Ekohum Foundation has been amazing. Managing fundraising activities and recruiting dedicated volunteers have been immensely rewarding. The best part about Ekohum is that everyone’s ideas and opinions are valued here. Ekohum always focuses on the growth of each and every volunteer here, which I feel is really selfless. I am humbled and inspired every day, knowing that I can make a difference in someone's life. Lastly, I'd like to thank Dr. Apala, my mentor, who has played an instrumental role in my growth. I am incredibly grateful to be part of an organization that genuinely cares for the well-being of others and leaves a positive mark on the world.

volunteer Divya verma

Divya Verma

Ekohum became my true reason to willfully contribute my part in helping out the cancer fighters. Having managed their Social Media, I was able to connect with those who are suffering and to those who still have hope to be saved with Ekohum Foundation. The organization holds immense value and significance in what it does and more people shall associate with them and make contributions possible

Volunteer Swati Gupta

Swati Gupta

Ekohum foundation is doing an amazing work by creating awareness among people about cancer. I was fortunate to be part of this journey which allowed me to talk to people and gather data which ultimately be benefiting them.
This was my first experience volunteering for a cause and it felt really great. Moreover, the efforts done by Dr. Apala and others are very commendable. I wish more people come out to support this cause.

Volunteer Shreya Anil

Shreya Anil

My experience at Ekohum foundation enabled me to understand the dire need of making individuals aware about cancer. The internship of 5 months led me to understand the true essence of giving back to the society, without expecting anything in return. This journey helped me understand the intricacies of social media handling under the guidance of Dr.Shashank Kavi and Dr.Apala Baduni. The internship facilitated holistic growth and development in me. Working with Ekohum Foundation was truly a a fulfilling experience. 

Test Movendra Vikram _edited.jpg

Monvendra Vikram Singh

Ekohum Foundation is an organization that exemplifies the true essence of humanitarian work, and I am proud to be associated with them in this meaningful journey. They approached the challenges faced by the community with a deep understanding of their unique needs and circumstances, fostering a sense of trust and collaboration with the locals. Thank you, Ekohum Foundation, for being an unwavering force of good in the world. Your commitment to making the world a better place is truly commendable, and I am excited to see the continued impact you will create in the

Test Aaruni Arora.jpg

Aaruni Arora

My journey with Ekohum Foundation was an amazing experience filled with abundance of new experiences and helpful mentors. I got to learn about how to design various kinds of posters and how to manage various Social Media platforms with this esteemed foundation. My mentors were always there by my side when I had any doubt or query. Apala mam has always motivated us and always has had us volunteers’ well-being in mind. I’m truly very grateful I got the chance to volunteer here and to get to know these wonderful people. I truly wish that Ekohum Foundation keeps on touching new heights of success, keep up the good work!

Test Ruchita.jpg

Ruchitha Shivani

My 1.5 years at Ekohum have been transformative both personally and professionally. The team's warm and supportive culture made it a special place to belong. Ekohum provided countless opportunities for skill development through workshops and a caring environment to express ideas. The friendships formed here are invaluable. Despite completing my volunteering tenure, I found it difficult to leave the organization as I deeply wished to remain a part of the incredible team. I'm immensely grateful for the experiences and memories. Ekohum is truly an amazing place to grow and learn with an exceptional team.


Sara A Kage

Ekohum keeps true to its name: we are ONE tight-knit family of core team members and volunteers. Dr. Apala's cancer information virtual workshops, which were specifically designed to inform new volunteers, helped me gain deeper knowledge into cancer as a disease. I began working on content but was tasked with a research project which I thoroughly enjoyed. The organisation is accommodating and allows you to explore different departments of work, which is very valuable as a student. The community-based approach really shines through as everyone’s opinions are taken into account. So far, my experience has been amazing. I first joined to devote my time to a worthwhile cause during my summer break, but I want to stay with Ekohum for as long as I can!

- Content lead, 2023

Test Koral asher.jpg

Koral Shailen Asher

It's my first experience as a content writer so far. From writing content for them, I have learned to improve my skills, including knowledge about cancer prevention. The team I am allotted is the best; they understand each other well and have taught me how to manage time and handle all tasks together as a team. I am glad to volunteer for this foundation. The mentors understand our work and appreciate me, even when I have made minor mistakes. They help me to make every content perfect. I am sure you would also gain a similar experience if you were part of our team. Our team is like a whole family that supports and grows together.

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