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Awarded PSF Global Humanitarian Award


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Awarded with the PSF Global Humanitarian Award 2020  by MP Shri Pravesh Sahib Singh to recognise the work of EkohumFoundation during the lockdown period.
Ekohum Foundation stands on 3 pillars
1) Healthcare
2) Sustainable village Development
3) Women's empowerment 
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Solar project

Under the guidance of Mr Aashutosh Sharma, Ekohum is training the youth in installation of  solar power plants in the villages of Uttarakhand. Some of the projects done by our team are :-

  • Integral University, Lucknow

  • Income Tax Department, Kanpur

  • Post Office, Civil Lines, Delhi

  • Benaras Hindu University, Varanasi

  • Ghaziabad - Soalr Street Light

Mr. Aashutosh Sharma is the Founder of Shaurya Shakti Foundation and is a Project Head at Ekohum Foundation

Solar project office : UGF 35 aranya hotmart sector 119 Noida
Contact : +91 85272 24825

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Ekohum Foundation Annual Report 2023

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Ekohum Foundation started with the aim control the pain and suffering from cancer.
Ekohum Foundation has been committed for early cancer awareness, screening and prevention. We
have trained NGOs, ASHA workers, and Anganwadi workers on visual inspection of oral cancer and oral potentially malignant disease.

In addition to its efforts of eradicating cancer Ekohum Foundation is also assissting women in achieving financial independence as part of our livelihood workshop trainings

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To date, Ekohum Foundation has screened 7500 people for oral cancer and spread awareness to 1,20,000 people. Shockingly, the youngest person diagnosed with OPMD was only 9 years old and had been chewing tobacco since the age of 7. People get their oral cavities examined and are shocked to see the changes within the oral cavities of which they were unaware, it is then explained to them that if a predisposing factor can cause a change in their mouth, the continuation of that habit, mostly tobacco can transform it to cancer.

Media and Press Coverage

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