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Awarded with the PSF Global Humanitarian Award 2020  by MP Shri Pravesh Sahib Singh to recognise the work of EkohumFoundation during the lockdown period.

Cancer burden in India has more than doubled over the last 26 years. Breast, cervical and oral cancer together constitute 41 per cent of Indian cancer cases. Considerable knowledge is available on control strategies on these 3 major cancers and this can be implemented into the community through appropriate training and awareness. Oral cancer is preventable and can be picked up easily by examination of the oral cavity.

We plan on spreading awareness, treating and rehabilitating oral cancer patients while also helping the terminal patients improve their quality of life.


Ekohum Foundation at a Glance


Founded in 2017, Ekohum's efforts have made 1600+ individuals aware of the carcinogenic characteristics of tobacco and its role in oral cancer. Through our screening and detection camps, we have screened over 1300 people. When assessed on the Fagerstrom test of nicotine dependence, 45% of tobacco users underwent de-addiction counseling with Ekohum, showing a reduced dependency on tobacco.

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